Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs

Hot springs, filled with steaming, soothing mineral water are a popular way to sooth away the aches and pains after a days of hiking, riding, and other activity. Spencer is a cluster of natural springs on unimproved public land. Previous visitors have made some rudimentary improvements to the area to enhance the experience, The largest "bathing hole" has water of about 140 degrees flowing into a concrete tub. There is no fresh water, restrooms, or amenities. Visitors may park nearby in their campers or RVs or just drive out for a soothing soak before settling in one of the neighboring towns for the evening. If you do decide to camp out there, PLEASE be courteous and not camp right on the springs so other people and and wildlife can also use the springs.

Directions: Located off SR376, just east of the junction to Highway 50. Watch for the turn-off near mile marker 99, take the dirt road approximately 10 miles. The Springs are to your left.

Caution: Always test the water before you commit. Hot springs can change temperature without notice and every hot spring is unique. Do not endanger yourself by staying in hot water too long. If you think the water's too hot, stay out or wait for it to cool. More than half of hot springs found on public lands in Nevada are hotter than 140š Fahrenheit (skin is scalded within three seconds in 140š water). However, while extreme hot water is one serious danger posed by hot springs it is by no means the only danger. Others include loss of consciousness from chemical fumes, cuts from sharp rocks or broken glass, and bacterial infections. ALWAYS WATCH CHILDREN.