Get Lost in the Nevada Mountains

Discover a range of things to do in Austin, NV

Highway 50 is known for its stark, open landscapes, but there's not much on the road besides wide-open country. Fortunately, about halfway through the state, there's a charming mountain town with a wide range of activities and amenities for travelers. The Greater Austin Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to welcome you to Austin, NV.

Our town is full of exciting things to do and outdoor activities. The Greater Austin Area Chamber of Commerce has all the tourism information you could need for your trip. Call 775-964-2200 right now to talk to a representative.

You'll never run out of things to do here

If you're passing through Austin, NV on a road trip or you want to spend a weekend away here, get ahold of the Greater Austin Area Chamber of Commerce. We can help you find:

Our little mountain town is nestled in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and is close to several ghost towns and natural attractions that will astound. Contact us today for more information.

Break outside of the norm

There’s a reason why Austin, NV is a hotspot for tourism for those who love the great outdoors. The Greater Austin Area Chamber of Commerce can give you all the visitor information you need. Choose our town as base camp for your next adventure because:

We have backcountry skiing in the winter.
Our mountain range is the 2nd Longest Mountain Range in Nevada at approx 130 miles long.
We offer mountain biking and hiking with incredible views.
The area is the perfect place for your hunting trip.

Begin planning your trip to Austin now—contact the Greater Austin Area Chamber of Commerce right away.